Identify Aerial Intruders

Sort out UAVs from birds or aircrafts. Know drone type and vendor by unique drone footprint.

Locate Drone and Pilot

Real-Time Tracking of UAV and Pilot position. 2D and 3D mapping on mobile devices .

Landing or Return Home

Sending signal to UAV initiates landing or return home function.

Locate Drone and Pilot/Landing or Return Home

Customization of UAV Tracking System to Application Scenario.

The detection system consists of modules that can be adapted and distributed over a wide range of territories. Ground-based and modular, it covers long-range areas such as airports or industrial plants. The Tracking Units can be also customized to narrow streets and obstructed alleys, seen at governmental facilities or luxury hotels.

High Certainty and Range of UAV Detection.

The UAV Tracker is a multi-sensor system (Radio Frequency, Camera, Acoustic Technologies). It ensures a high certainty of detection by fusing multiple sensor information. This makes false-alarms by flying birds or aircrafts impossible. Each Unit has a high Range of upto 600m with a predominant directional angle of 120 Degree. This allows to detect small drones from a far distance, even at a point when they cannot be seen or taken notice by security personnel yet.

Identification of UAV Type/Vendor.

The multi-sensor information enable the distinct identification of each UAV by a unique sensor footprint. This makes it possible, to separate your own drones from potential harmful rogue ones. It also shows multiple intrusions about the same or even similar drones completing your forensic information about the intruder. Among others the unique footprint tells you about vendor and type of the drone to support security personnel in their daily work.

Collection of Forensics about drone flights and pilot.

The system collects forensic information about the trajectory and flight of the drone. Video Tracking of the UAV by an industrial-grad and high-resolution camera system ensures safety and security of our customers. 2D and 3D information of UAV and pilot help law-enforcement in apprehending the intruder. The gathering of various forensics about the UAV enables to analyze its potential intention (hobby pilot or actual threat). It supports our client making the case in court by proof and visual evidence.

Locate Drone and Pilot

Mobile 2D and 3D Map of UAV and Pilot Position.

Drones and corresponding pilots are displayed in a 2D on mobile devices and IT security systems. Showing the past and current location, it allows security personnel to assess the level of safety and security risk. The publishing on mobile devices enables quick response and reduce delays on issuing adequate actions. The 3D map show the position of the UAV for making a fact-based and well informed decision.

High-Precision in Localizing UAV.

Our tracking and security system localizes drones with high precision. The accuracy of approx. 4m (with a distance of 200m) offers unequaled opportunities. Apart from enabling well-made decision making for security personnel, the clients premises can be separated into low, medium and high security areas on a 2D map. The system can take automatic actions based on the intrusion in one of the security areas.

Navigate Security Personnel to Pilot Location.

Unrivaled in the security field, our tracking system locates the pilot of the UAV with an accuracy of approx. 10m (with a distance of 200m). Once the pilot position is known on a 2D map, our mobile user interface navigate security personnel to the pilot position. They can take over the control of the UAV and question/educate the pilot on the potential security risks. Potential harm of our customers property or privacy can be prohibited and successfully stopped.

Entirely Passive System w/o RF-interference.

In comparison to radars, the system is completely passive and does not interfere with your security system. Our UAV Tracking Units do not emit any radio signal and, thus, do not intervene with wifi networks or other RF-based electronic equipments of our clients. This makes the UAV tracking and security system especially suitable for airports and high-safety facilities.

Landing or Return Home

High-Directional countermeasure.

The high precision in localization enables to be highly precise in the counteracting against drones. This makes any action, like sending take-over signals or even counter-drones, more efficient and effective. Also, interference with surrounding electronic systems can be prohibited.

Sending Signal to Return Home or Land.

Our UAV Tracking and Security System can stop commercial UAVs by sending a return signal to the drone. This Add-on Function can only be provided to security personnel authorized by governmental officials and depends on the country of application. Depending on the level of breach, the UAV can be stopped or forced to land.

Provide Data to IT-infrastructure/additonal services.

Forensics about the UAVs and pilots are provided to third party countermeasure systems. The system connects to state-of-the-art interfaces (open/closed/customized) and commits information about drone type and vendor. Additionally video forensics, tracking of past/current UAV position and trajectory can be transferred in real-time.