Commercial Customers

Protect critical IT-infrastructure, such as one buildings or data centers against data theft and wifi-intrusions from flying drones

Ensure privacy of VIP’s and safety of personnel in luxury hotels (i. e. outside swimming pools), shopping malls or convention centers.

Industrial Plants

Secure factories and construction plaints again camera surveillance or industrial spying by malicious drones.

Increase safety of power plants and wind mills against misusage of drones, and unwanted crashes or collisions.

Governmental Facilities

Establish no-fly-zones against UAV flights for high-security facilities, such as embassies, gas pipelines, police stations or military compounds.

Prohibit smuggling of drugs, explosives or dangerous material in/out of prisons, penitentiary or jails

Public Buildings and Events

Prohibit collusion with airplanes and/or obstruction of air traffic at airports by hobby-pilots of small UAVs.

Ensure safety of people and prohibit damages by UAVs in public such as museums, public stadiums (e. g. soccer) or open-air concerts.